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When it's Miller Time, will Trey be ready?

When it's Miller Time, will Trey be ready?

If Navy starting quarterback Kriss Proctor is not behind center for whatever reason this year, sophomore Trey Miller will be in the spotlight like never before. If recent history is any indication, ‘Miller Time' may not be too far away. As Navy fans hope for a healthy season out of Proctor, they must also be wondering: Who is Miller? And is he ready? Heck, is he even the clear No. 2 at QB?

Earlier in fall camp, Navy offensive coordinator didn't see absolutely sure that Trey Miller was the clear number two quarterback for the Mids. "I don't think the gap between (Jarvis) Cummings and Miller is that far. I'm very confident in Jarvis. He's dropped weight – he looks faster. The thing with Jarvis, he was an option quarterback in high school. So it's like riding a bike for him. He just... Recommended Stories

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