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Navy Commit Has All the Right Moves

Navy RB Commit Tony Gulley

Think the 4-6 season has hurt Navy's recruiting? Think again. A week ago the Mids picked up a verbal commitment from a running back with no less than nine FBS scholarship offers, proving the program looks poised to restock for years to come. In this exclusive GoMids story, find out why Toneo Gulley has decided to take his talents to Annapolis.

"I am pretty solid with Navy, I'm solid with them," said Kenosha Templer (Kenosha, WI) running back Toneo Gulley, who gave a verbal commitment to the Navy Midshipmen after receiving a scholarship offer in October from Navy assistant Danny O'Rourke. "I love it," he went on explain. "They run the ball, and I'm a running back, so I like running the ball. It's definitely like a ‘perfect fit' for me... Recommended Stories

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