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Navy 2013 Review: The "Hurry-Up Defense"

You've heard of the hurry-up offense, a simple and longstanding concept in football as the sport has gradually become more and more modernized. What about the foreign notion of a "hurry-up defense," however? What does this mean? You'll soon find out, and the concept will make all the sense in the world. It could also point the way to an even better 2014 season for the Midshipmen.

THE RIGHT KIND OF "HURRY": MAKING OTHER QUARTERBACKS WORRY As you've likely noticed over the past several weeks, many of these installments of a 2013 statistical review have focused on the ways in which Navy can improve for 2014. Such a focus is not meant to "find fault" or nitpick. It's in many ways what coaches do in moments of victory. The perfect scenario for a coaching staff is to get a win...

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