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Overlooked Murray Keeps Plugging Away

Overlooked Murray Keeps Plugging Away

He runs too high. The way he carries the football is awkward. A plodding, straight ahead bruiser, he "lacks elite speed" to ever be effective as a feature Division 1 running back. "He doesn't look like a playmaker," the announcer states. Scratch that; he doesn't even look like a football player.

Got anymore? On a team long known for being a cliché magnet, no Navy player endured more of the worn-out phrases and caveat laden expressions in 2009 than Vince Murray. Not that the 6-foot-1, 217-pound fullback is railing in anger about it, but after finishing second on the team with 971 rushing yards, one would think that his performance would speak for itself. "It makes no difference on what... Recommended Stories

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